Heatworld : Talk with Dan.

"While Rochelle, Frankie, Una and Mollie were busy taking over our Twitter and doing strange (but hilarious) things to heatgeek, heatworld was also off hanging out with Danny from McFly at the launch for Popstar To Operastar. Danny is very excited about putting on his posh voice and singing in Italian, and said he's VERY chuffed with all the support he's getting from his heatworld fans.

"The support is brilliant," he said, "And the boys will be there for me, too. I've said I want them in my dressing room with me on Friday." Danny explained that when he first got offered the chance to be on the show he said no. But Tom, Dougie and Harry convinced him to "take one for the team" and he's going for it! We're mightly glad they're so persuasive. Just imagine staring at Danny¹s handsome face every Friday night for six weeks! Woop! The Saturdays¹ Vanessa White is also having a go at the old opera singing, and told us she's dead nervous about being without the other Saturdays. "People keep asking me whether we might get The Saturdays to sing opera," she giggled. "Imagine if the girls learnt some for the next album?" Now that we¹d love to see!  Or hear. Danny also went on to tell us the McFly boys will be releasing their new album in the second half of 2010, and at the moment they're still writing new songs. "It's going to be brilliant," he grinned. We can¹t wait!"

Källa : Heatworld

(notera den sista delen, WILL BE RELEASING THEIR NEW ALBUM IN THE SECOND HALF OF 2010. Där fick vi svaret!)


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