Danny gf number 1839247385679?

When it comes to must-have gadgets and cars the general rule is the newer the better. But it seems this rule doesn't apply to Miss England models.

Pop rocker Danny Jones from McFly has replaced his Miss England 2008 girlfriend with Miss England 2007, according to newspaper reports.

The lucky musician first dated the '08 beauty queen Laura Coleman after they met at the Miss World finals in South Africa.

Georgia Horsley (left) and Laura Coleman

Seeing double: Danny Jones is reportedly dating Miss England '07 Georgia Horsley (left) He has previously had a relationship with Miss England '08 Laura Coleman (right)


Gentlemen prefer blondes: Danny performs with McFly at Liverpool Arena. It seems he makes a habit of dating Miss England winners

The 23-year-old chart topper ditched his long-term girlfriend Olivia Shaw, 25, for Laura soon after the meeting and they went on to date for a number of months.

But now sources have revealed a 'mystery blonde' seen on Danny's arm recently is none other than Georgia Horsley, the winner of Miss England 2007.

It seems Danny, whose hits with McFly include That Girl, is irresistibly drawn to long lustrous locks and dazzling white teeth.

The girlfriend swap happened after the cheeky chap was invited to this year's Miss London competition.

The event was co-hosted by close friends Georgia and Laura but attendees reported Danny was soon showing a decided preference for 22-year-old Georgia.

'You could see that Danny and Georgia were going to get together. All the chemistry was there,' a friend of Laura's said last night.

'Laura really cared about Danny,' the friend told The Sunday Mirror.

'It's particularly hurtful that he's run off with Georgia.'

However, a Miss England spokeswoman insisted Laura and Georgia are still friends despite the new relationship. She said the Miss England camp wished the new couple 'all the best'.

Laura Coleman Georgia Horsley

Difficult choice: Pop artist Danny Jones has struck gold twice dating two beautiful blondes. He first saw Miss England '08 (left) followed by Miss England '07 (right)



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