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Not long til the tour now. We can't wait. Gonna be awesome. I watched the new tour DVD last's soo soooo good! It's the best we've ever done, really made me miss touring. There are some awesome shots of some of you guys singing your hearts out to the songs, was very touched to see people crying in our songs...I hope you were crying because they meant something to you and not because we sounded bad! ha! But seriously, made me really think about how amazing all our fans are. I'm not just saying it, we have the best fans in the world! Well done you!

Anyways, me and Dougie are over the 10'000 followers mark on twitter! Hooray! If you're not a twitterer yet then I suggest you get on there this very second, it will change you're life. We tweet a lot throughout the day and night and it's a lot easier to reply to you're messages. We read them all too so even if we don't tweet you, we would have read yours!

Ok, shower time!


Postat av: Emma Nathalie

Förresten, ni missar väl inte att våra favoritpojkar är med i The F word på torsdag :P

2009-04-12 @ 02:02:04
Postat av: Sandra

Bra att du påminde mig, tänkte lägga in bild på bdb om det men kan ju skriva här också!

Själv har man ju satt på alarm så att man inte ska missa (y) ;)

2009-04-12 @ 17:14:38

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