Harold "Harry" Mark Christopher Judd (23/12/85)
Daniel "Danny" Alan David Jones (12/03/86)
Douglas "Dougie" Lee Poynter (30/11/87)
Thomas "Tom" Michael Fletcher (17/07/85)

Soon to have their UCAP-tour (Up close and personal), which will take place in Australia, Japan, UK, Amsterdam and hopefully more, dates to be announced in February, watch their official mySpace for updates

Current gf's/dates;

Tom Fletcher - Giovanna Falcone
Harry Judd - Izzy Johnston
Dougie Poynter - Frankie Sanford
Danny Jones - Laura Coleman

For more info about the band go to their official website.


This blog is about the brittish popband McFLY.
Created in 2003 by Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones McFLY got it's beginning, later Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd joined the band and their first cd was released in 2004.
Today (2009), they made a total of 6 cd's.

Room on the 3rd Floor
Just My Luck
Motion in the Ocean
Greatest Hits

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